Ação da Cidadania

Unfortunately, hunger plagues a large portion of the population of our country.  With the Covid-19 pandemic, this scenario worsened and many families were affected by the social and economic crisis.  So, as sociologist Herbert de Souza (Betinho), founder of the NGO Ação da Cidadania would say:  “Those who are hungry are in a hurry”.  To bring hope to a better future for these families, ALE joined the social movement aiming to provide food for those who need it most. Through this partnership with Ação da Cidadania, we have distributed around 320 tons of food, benefiting thousands of families in the Northeast and North of Minas Gerais. A gesture of affection from the ALE family to Brazilian families!

SAS Brasil

With hospitals full, telemedicine has helped to reduce the risk of collapse of the public health system. However, many people do not have access to the resource or the necessary knowledge to access remote clinical services.  With this in mind, we decided to support a pioneer institution in bringing telemedicine to the needy population. With the resource donated by ALE, thousands of families have benefited from free electronic consultations. During three months, approximately 17 thousand consultations were carried out in São Paulo (SP), Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Rio Grande do Norte (RN).  This effort is a way of showing ALE cares about the community in a way that effectively saved lives.

Instituto Família Barrichello

A gentle hug for the soul. This is what we feel when giving food to those who need it most.  We joined Barrichello Family Institute, founded by our great Stock Car driver, Rubinho, to donate BRL 300 thousand in order to support the institution’s emergency actions. With this contribution, approximately 6,000 basic food baskets were delivered to over 1,000 families in social vulnerability for 90 days in needy areas served by the project in the capital and Greater São Paulo. That is how we welcome and bring dignity to more people who have been affected by the social crisis generated by the Covid-19 pandemic.